Comprehensive quality evaluation of jutecell/cotton blended yarn based on principal component analysis

Zhong, Zhilli ; Wang, Yuxin ; Wu, Jianqing ; Chen, Rong ; Ling, Liangzhong ; Zhu, Ruhua


In order to evaluate the comprehensive quality of jutecell/cotton (J/C) blended yarn more accurately and conveniently, six kinds of jutecell/cotton blended yarn with different blending ratios have been designed with linear density 20tex. The comprehensive quality indices of these six yarns have been assessed with principal component analysis including hairiness indices (1mm) and (2mm), yarn evenness, snick(-50%), slub(+50%), nep (+200%), breaking strength and breaking elongation. The rank, in terms of quality, of J/C yarns with different blending ratio is 80/20 > 100/0 > 40/60 > 60/40 > 20/80 > 0/100 whose syntheses scores are -1.67, -0.98, -0.77, -0.02, 0.76, 2.68 respectively. The blending ratio of 80/20 J/C yarns gets the highest rank in terms of quality which is due to the excellent characteristics of two kinds of fibre. The findings provide practical guidance for designing the blending ratio of jutecell/cotton blended yarn correctly.


Blending yarn; Blending  ratio;Cotton; Jutecell  fibre;

Principal component analysis; Yarn quality

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