Sericin based bioactive coating for polyester fabric

Gupta, Deepti ; Chaudhary, Harshita ; Gupta, Charu


In this study, a process has been developed for durable coating of sericin on polyester. Pre modification of polyester with alkali (sodium hydroxide) has been carried out to incorporate polar entities on its inert surface. 10g/L of sericin with 30mL/L of glutaraldehyde, cured at 130°C for 2min has been optimized for its application on modified surface. Treated samples are tested for surface smoothness, moisture retention, wicking, antistat and antioxidant characteristics. Results show that polyester fabric surface becomes smoother as well as highly hydrophilic on application of sericin. Wicking properties are enhanced greatly and antisat property is improved along with the radical quenching property. These results can be used to prepare fabric having unique properties of enhanced smoothness, hygroscopicity, high wicking and radical quenching which make it suitable for applications in skin moisturizing, skin healing and anti-ageing. These results indicate that sericin can be used to develop a durable and bioactive finish on polyester for use in medical and sports garments.


Bioactive coating;Medical garments;Polyester;Sericin;Silk;Textile finishing

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