Use of citric acid-plasticized polyvinyl alcohol for cotton warp yarns cold sizing


Rahmouni, Asma ; Maatoug, Sameh ; Ladhari, Neji


The properties of pure and citric acid-plasticized polyvinyl alcohol sizes in terms of viscosity, cohesive power, adhesive capacity, mechanical properties, and hairiness of sized yarns have been studied. Furthermore, pure and plasticized polyvinyl alcohol films are characterized by FTIR spectroscopy to describe intermolecular interactions. The morphology of sized yarns is studied by SEM images. It is confirmed that citric acid could enhance film properties, adhesion ability of polyvinyl alcohol to cotton fibres, hairiness, and mechanical properties of sized yarns. The desizeability of the prepared sizes is also checked and found high and efficient, which indicates that the citric acid-plasticized polyvinyl alcohol possess the application potential to cotton warp cold sizing.



Citric acid;Cold warp sizing;Cotton yarns;Plasticizer;Polyvinyl alcohol;Warp yarn

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