Effect of blend composition on tensile properties of blended Dref-III yarns

Chaudhuri, Atin ; Majumdar, P K


Blended Dref-III yarns have been prepared by using same stock of blended materials (polyester-viscose) both in core and sheath. Stress-strain curves of both fibre and yarn (100% polyester and viscose) have been used for the prediction of both ring and Dref-III spun blended yarn strength. Hamburger model using yarn stress-strain curves for blended ring-spun yarn has been found suitable to predict the tensile strength of blended Dref-III yarns for different core-sheath ratios separately. From this observation, an equation has also been derived to predict the strength of blended Dref-III yarn for all types of combinations of core and sheath components as well as blend composition.


Blend ratio; Blended yarn;Core–sheath ratio; Dref-III yarn; Hamburger model;Polyester fibres; Ring yarn; Stress-strain curve;Tenacity; Viscose fibres

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