Modelling of sound absorption properties of sisal fibre reinforced paper pulp composites using regression model

Tholkappiyan, E ; Saravanan, D ; Jagasthitha, R ; Angeswari, T ; Surya, V T


Multiple linear regression models have been developed to predict the sound absorption properties of sisal fibre reinforced recycled paper pulp composites (light in weight), with varying fibre volume fraction, average cut-length of the fibres and composite thickness. The composites are produced using Box and Behnken experimental design and evaluated by relevant standards. An attempt has also been made to study the effect of various parameters in multiple linear regression models. The actual experimental data are compared with predicted results using multiple linear regression model. The correlation coefficient between experimental and predicted value is found to be 0.977. The maximum noise reduction coefficient is observed (through experimental) in the bulk density of 171 kg/m3 at frequency ranges between 125 Hz and 4000 Hz with the average value of 0.58.


Bending strength;Composites; Paper pulp; Sisal fibre; Sound absorption

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