Modulation of cross-sectional structure of air-vortex yarn through process variables


Tripathi, Lekhani ; Ishtiaque, S M


Influence of process parameters on structural mechanics of air-vortex polyester cotton (65/35) blended yarn has been studied. Box-Behnken three variables design is used to optimize the spindle diameter, nozzle pressure and yarn delivery speed to achieve the required packing density of air vortex yarn. Image processing technique is used to measure the fibre area in different concentric zones. The study confirms that the yarn packing density and radial packing density of yarns are influenced by individual as well as interaction effect of process parameters. The packing density is not found to be maximum near the yarn axis. It is depicted that packing density of core, intermediate and surface zones of the yarn shows an increase with the increase in nozzle pressure, and decrease with the increase in spindle diameter and yarn delivery speed. The packing density of ring-spun yarn is found to be higher than vortex yarns with distinctly higher packing in the core- zone of the yarn.



Air-vortex yarn;Delivery speed;Nozzle pressure;Packing density;Polyester/Cotton yarn;Radial packing density;Spindle diameter;Yarn structure

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