Properties of air-vortex blended yarn influenced by spinning process parameters


Tripathi, Lekhani ; Jain, Manya ; Ishtiaque, S M


Box-Behnken three variables three factors design has been used to optimize the machine spindle diameter, nozzle pressure and yarn delivery speed for achieving the required quality of air vortex polyester/cotton blended yarn. The response surface equations for respective yarn properties in terms of coded factors and significant model terms are developed. Yarn tenacity and elongation show an increase with the increase in nozzle pressure and a decrease with an increase in delivery speed and spindle diameter. Yarn thin places, thick places, neps, U% and hairiness index depict an increase with the increase in delivery speed and spindle diameter, while the decrease is observed with an increase in nozzle pressure. A combination of 1.1mm spindle diameter, 0.5 MPa nozzle pressure and 432.38 m/min delivery speed is the optimized value for targeted yarn quality at 0.71 desirability value.



Air-vortex blended yarn;Box-Behnken design;Polyester/cotton yarn;Spinning parameters;Yarn properties


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