Quality of clothing fabrics in terms of their comfort properties

Asanovic, Koviljka A; Cerovic, Dragana D; Mihailovic, Tatjana V; Kostic, Mirjana M; Reljic, Mirjana


Quality of various clothing woven fabrics with respect to their comfort properties, such as electro-physical properties, air permeability, and compression properties has been studied. Fabrics are produced from cotton and cotton/polyester fibre blends in plain, twill, satin and basket weave. Results show that cotton fabrics have lower values of the volume resistivity, air permeability and compressive resilience but higher values of effective relative dielectric permeability and compressibility as compared to fabrics that have been produced from cotton/PES fibre blends. Regression analysis shows a strong linear correlative relationship between the air permeability and the porosity of the woven fabrics with very high coefficient of linear correlation (0.9807). It is also observed that comfort properties are determined by the structure of woven fabrics (raw material composition, type of weave) as well as by the fabrics surface condition. Findings of the studies have been used for estimating the quality of woven fabrics in terms of their comfort properties by the application of ranking method. It is concluded that the group of cotton fabrics exhibits better quality of comfort as compared to the group of cotton/PES blend fabrics.



Air permeability;Compression;Cotton;Cotton/polyester fibre;Electro-physical properties;Fabric quality; Fabric comfort

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