Vol 40, No 4 (2015)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Milkweed blended fabrics and their thermal insulation and UV protection properties PDF
Parmar, M S; Bahl, Mansi ; Rao, J V 351-355
Weaving twill damask fabric using ‘section- scale- stitch’ harnessing PDF
Panneerselvam, R G; Rathakrishnan, L ; Vijayakumar, H L 356-362
Quality of clothing fabrics in terms of their comfort properties PDF
Asanovic, Koviljka A; Cerovic, Dragana D; Mihailovic, Tatjana V; Kostic, Mirjana M; Reljic, Mirjana 363-372
Prediction of heat transfer and air permeability properties of light weight nonwovens using artificial intelligence PDF
Yekrang, Javad ; Sarijeh, Behrouz ; Semnani, Dariush ; Zarrebini, Mohammad 373-379
Optimization of impact behavior of bio particulated coir-vinyl ester composites using simulated annealing with post analysis PDF
Ramprasath, R ; Jayabal, S 380-385
Structural parameters effect on UVR transmission of weft knitted fabrics PDF
Taghipoor, Fatemeh ; Hasani, Hossein ; Khalili, Haleh 386-391
Improving garment thermal insulation property by combining two non-contact measuring tools PDF
Zhang, Zhaohua ; Li, Jun ; Wang, Yunyi 392-398
Evaluation of false-twist textured yarns by image processing PDF
Ghaderpanah, P ; Mokhtari, F ; Latifi, M 399-404
High pressure injection technique for hypochlorite treatment of polysulfone hollow fibre membranes PDF
Zarrebini, Mohammad ; Saghafi, Reza ; Semnani, Dariush ; Mahmoudi, Mohammad Reza 405-413
Application of biotechnology in the coloration of jute fabric using bis–triazinyl type of reactive dyes PDF
Pan, N C; Chattopadhyay, S N; Roy, A K 414-418
Dyeing of silk using Madhuca longifolia as natural dye source PDF
Swamy, V Narayana; Gowda, K N Ninge; Sudhakar, R 419-424
Spectral, dyeing and antimicrobial properties of some monoazo naphthalimide dyes on polyamide PDF
Shaki, H ; Gharanjig, K ; Khosravi, A 425-430
Effect of stimuli-responsive nano hydrogel finishing on cotton fabric properties PDF
Bashari, A ; Nejad, N Hemmati; Pourjavadi, A 431-436
Effects of molecular structure of acrylates on sizing performance of allyl grafted starch PDF
Jin, Enqi ; Li, Manli ; Xi, Bojun ; Ye, Qiujuan 437-446

Short Communication

Comparison of biopolymer finishing with functional finishing on wool fibre PDF
Lakshmanan, Ammayappan ; Lee, Jong Soon ; Jeyaraj, Jeyakodi Moses ; Kochadai, Ashok Senthil 447-452
Microwave-assisted non-thermal hemp degumming PDF
Qu, Lijun ; Zhu, Shifeng ; Tian, Mingwei ; Guo, Xiaoqing ; Han, Guangting ; Zhang, Yan ; Tang, Xiaoning ; Sun, Kaikai 453-457
Simple method for measurement of feltability of rabbit hair PDF
Vorac, J ; Stork, V ; Soul, P ; Gancarcik, T 458-462

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)