Fabric hand characteristics by nozzle extraction technique

Das, A ; Majumdar, A ; Gupta, P


In this study, nozzle extraction principle has been used for measuring the fabric feel objectively. Fabric feel is one aspect for handle of fabric, related to its mechanical properties. The nozzle extraction instrument (fabric feel tester) measures radial force as well as extraction force during the pulling of fabric specimen through a circular nozzle. The radial and extraction forces are functions of many physical and mechanical characteristics of fabric, e.g. bending, shear, friction, compression, extensibility, etc. which influence fabric feel sensation. A unique parameter (fabric feel factor) has been derived and calculated by using different important parameters related to extraction behavior of fabrics. It gives a single value for fabric feel. Experiments have been conducted on denim fabrics. The effects of functional softener (silicon) concentration and different denim washing treatments on fabric softness are evaluated subjectively as well as objectively. Very good correlation is observed between subjective and objective measurements.


Cotton; Denim; Extraction force; Fabric feel factor; Nozzle extraction; Radial force

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