Vol 41, No 2 (2016)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Fabric hand characteristics by nozzle extraction technique PDF
Das, A ; Majumdar, A ; Gupta, P 115-120
Optimization of drafting zone variables in ring spinning for the production of cotton/milkweed blended yarns PDF
Karthik, T ; Murugan, R 121-128
Effects of OE spinning parameters on cotton rotor-spun yarn hairiness PDF
Abghary, Mohammad Javad; Johari, Majid Safar; Hassanzadeh, Sanaz 129-137
Effect of differently functionalized carbon nanotubes on the properties of composite nanofibres PDF
Eren, Olcay ; Ucar, Nuray ; Onen, Aysen ; Karacan, Ismail ; Kizildag, Nuray ; Demirsoy, Nesrin ; Vurur, Omer Faruk; Borazan, Ismail 138-144
Preparation of antibacterial microfibre PDF
Dagang, Miao ; Hongmei, Zhao ; Shouxiang, Jiang ; Songmin, Shang ; Zhuoming, Chen 145-149
Preparation and characterization of PA6/titania conductive fibres PDF
Zhang, Kun ; Ge, Mingqiao 150-155
Optimisation of alkali treatment of banana fibres on lignin removal PDF
Vardhini, K J Vishnu; Murugan, R ; Selvi, C Tamil; Surjit, R 156-160
Changes in thermal comfort properties of sports wear and underwear due to their wetting PDF
Bajzik, Vladimir ; Hes, Lubos ; Dolezal, Ivan 161-166
Effects of industrial ironing on mechanical and dimensional properties of cotton,wool and polyester fabrics PDF
Cheriaa, Rim ; Marzoug, Imed Ben; Sakli, Faouzi 167-172
Properties of wool dyed with pinecone powder as a by-product colorant PDF
Salimian, Saeed ; Moghaddam, Meghdad Kamali; Safi, Somayeh ; Mortazavi, Sayed Majid 173-179
Tie-dye technique and pattern features PDF
Su-qiong, Liu ; Wei-dong, Gao ; Wei, Xue ; Ming, Gu ; Hui-e, Liang 180-187
Dyeing quality of walnut shells on polyester and polyester/viscose blended fabrics PDF
Eser, Ferda ; Aktas, Ebru ; Onal, Adem 188-194
Preparation of viscose/wool powder blended fibre and optimization of its acid dyeing PDF
Ke, Guizhen ; Li, Wenbin 195-199
Enhancement of heat and mass transfer between human body and hospital mattress to reduce pressure ulcer formation PDF
Kandhavadivu, P ; Rathinamoorthy, R ; Surjit, R 200-206
Specially treated woven jute geotextiles for river bank protection PDF
Chakrabarti, S K; Saha, S G; Paul, Palash ; Dewan, A R; Das, Koushik ; Chowdhury, P K; Gon, D P; Ray, Prabir 207-211

Short Communication

Fungal dry retting — An ecofriendly and water saving technology for retting of jute PDF
Banik, Shyamal 212-216
Electrochemical bleaching of cotton PDF
Das, Dipankar ; Patra, A K; Jakhar, Rahul ; Sundar, Shyam 217-220
Yarn hairiness on ring spinning with modified yarn path PDF
Liu, Xinjin ; Su, Xuzhong 221-225

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