Temperature and moisture responsive nanocomposite treated polyester fabric for smart bagging recovery


Memis, Nazife Korkmaz; Kaplan, Sibel


In this study, polyester fabrics having temperature and water/moisture responsive dynamic recovery function have been prepared with a nanocomposite finishing treatment composed of shape memory polyurethane (SMPU) and cellulose nanowhiskers (CNWs). The effect of CNW concentration (5-20 wt%) within SMPU-CNW nanocomposite on bagging recovery has been investigated by a test procedure, including relative humidity (RH), air, and water media at different temperatures simulating laundry and drying processes. Characterization of fabrics is conducted by FTIR, SEM and DMA studies. FTIR and SEM analyses results confirm the existence of SMPU-CNW nanocomposite on fabric. SMPU-CNW treatment significantly increases the weight and bursting strength of the fabrics, as expected. Most notably, SMPU-CNW nanocomposites enable a dynamic bagging recovery of up to 100% above Tg of SMPU in water. Results give implications of an active polyester fabric production possibility having dual responsiveness to both body physiological and environmental changes besides acceptable hand and strength.



Bagging recovery;Cellulose nanowhisker;Polyester;Shape memory polyurethane;Temperature responsive, Moisture responsive

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