Comfort properties of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre type

Jhanji, Yamini ; Gupta, Deepti ; Kothari, V K


The present study aims to investigate the effect of fibre type and yarn linear density on the thermal properties such as thermal resistance, thermal conductivity and thermal absorptivity along with air permeability and moisture vapor transmission rate of single jersey plated fabrics. Plated fabrics with nylon in the next to skin layer seem suitable choice for warm conditions as these fabrics would feel cooler on initial skin contact owing to high thermal absorptivity and are permeable to passage of air and moisture vapor. Fabrics knitted with yarns of high linear density seem unsuitable in warm conditions owing to higher value of thermal resistance and lower values of air permeability and moisture vapor transmission rate. Two way analysis of variance is conducted to test the significance of categorical variables, i.e. fibre type and yarn linear density on dependent variables. All the dependent variables except thermal resistance are found to be affected by the categorical variables at 95% confidence intervals.


Comfort properties;Cotton; Knitted fabrics; Moisture management; Nylon; Single jersey fabric; Thermal properties

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