Microwave-assisted non-thermal hemp degumming

Qu, Lijun ; Zhu, Shifeng ; Tian, Mingwei ; Guo, Xiaoqing ; Han, Guangting ; Zhang, Yan ; Tang, Xiaoning ; Sun, Kaikai


The microwave-assisted non-thermal degumming of hemp fibre has been studied and then compared with the water bath heating under different time and temperature conditions. The results show that the residual gum content of the lean hemp using microwave-assisted heating method is lower than that obtained using water bath heating. The residual gum content gap between the two degumming processes increases first and then decreases as the heating time and temperature are increased. This proves the existence of non-thermal effects in microwave heating process besides the thermal effects in water bath heating. In addition, the structures of the lean hemp fibres obtained from these two methods are also studied by scanning electron microscopy and fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.



Hemp fibre;Microwave-assisted degumming;Residual gum content


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