Usage of proportions method for predicting percentage reflectance of woven structures in fabric design

Akgun, Mine ; Becerir, Behcet ; Alpay, Halil Rifat


Effects of fabric constructional parameters on the prediction of percentage reflectance of woven polyester fabrics for different weft yarn densities have been investigated considering the same yarn count and weave pattern. Relationship among weft yarn density, fabric bulk density, fabric cover factor and percentage reflectance has been studied using the proportions method. The relationship between measured and proportionally predicted percentage reflectance values shows that proportional prediction method, according to fabric cover factors and using the same yarn count and the weave pattern but different yarn densities, gives the closest results to the measured ones. This could be used in estimation of fabric percentage reflectance for fabric design. Fabrics with different constructional parameters but having the same percentage reflectance could be produced by using proportions method under the conditions when appropriate beginning parameters are selected along with the fabric cover factors.


Bulk density; Cover factor; Fabric constructional parameters; Polyester; Proportions method; Reflectance;  Weft density; Woven fabric

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