Vol 40, No 3 (2015)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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An apparatus for quantification of light and temperature cutting ability of curtains PDF
Parmar, M S; Sisodia, Nidhi ; Singh, Maheshwar 231-235
Estimating engineering constants of a selected model of textile composite PDF
Szablewski, Piotr 236-242
Moisture and thermal management properties of woven and knitted tri-layer fabrics PDF
Kandhavadivu, P ; Rathinamoorthy, R ; Surjit, R 243-249
Usage of proportions method for predicting percentage reflectance of woven structures in fabric design PDF
Akgun, Mine ; Becerir, Behcet ; Alpay, Halil Rifat 250-255
Optimization of spinning parameters influencing the tensile properties of polyester/cotton vortex yarn PDF
Senthilkumar, P ; Kuthalam, E Sankara 256-266
Predicting the intermingled yarn number of nips and nips stability with neural network models PDF
Özkan, İlkan ; Kuvvetli, Yusuf ; Baykal, Pınar Duru; Şahin, Cenk 267-272
Pin-point effect determination using a rigorous approach PDF
Dadgar, Mehran ; Hosseini Varkiyani, S Mohammad ; Merati, Ali Akbar 273-281
Properties of knitted fabric made from modified ring-spun yarn PDF
Liu, Xinjin ; Su, Xuzhong 282-287
Theoretical calculation of the ‘natural flock restoration’ time of a cotton comber PDF
LI, Xin-rong ; Xiu-ming, Jiang ; Jian-cheng, Yang ; Xiao-wei, Wang 288-292
Tribological performances of fabric self-lubricating liner with different weft densities under severe working conditions PDF
Ma, Jian ; Yang, Yulin ; Qi, Xiaowen 293-300
Effect of finishing on performance characteristics of woven and warp-knitted terry fabrics PDF
Akaydın, M ; Yılmaz, K ; Yilmaz, N D 301-307
Dielectric drying effect on properties of fabrics PDF
Paşayev, Nazim ; Atalay, Mumune 308-314
Reddish brown pigments from Alternaria alternata for textile dyeing and printing PDF
Devi, Sagarika ; Karuppan, Perumal 315-319

Short Communication

Weaving ‘figured - face flip face - fabric’ using orthogonal weft tapestry weave PDF
Panneerselvam, R G ; Rathakrishnan, L ; Vijayakumar, H L 320-328
Design and development of an instrument for non- destructive fabric weight measurement PDF
Senthilkumar, M ; Ashok Kumar, L ; Keerthana, A ; Pavithra, V ; Poongodi, S 329-333

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