Properties of knitted fabric made from modified ring-spun yarn

Liu, Xinjin ; Su, Xuzhong


A modified ring spinning system, wherein a kind of airflow twisting device is equipped for improving the twist propagation process of ring spinning system, has been used to spun three different yarns, namely 29.2tex (Ne20), 14.6tex (Ne40), and 9.7tex (Ne60). The properties of corresponding knitted fabric, including the thickness, weight per square meter, distorted angle, bursting strength, and permeability are determined. The results show that the residual torque of spun yarn is reduced with both appropriate anticlockwise and clockwise directions of airflow. It is found that compared to knitted fabric made from conventional ring spinning system, the fabrics spun on modified spinning system show reduced thickness, weight per square meter and spirality angle; increased bursting strength; and improved permeability.


Airflow twisting device; Knitted fabric; Ring-spun yarn; Residual torque

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