Variation and storage stability of juices extracted from potatoes and their influence on in-situ coloration of wool


Natarajan, Srikrishna ; Acharya, Chanchal ; Gupta, Deepti


In this study, juices from four different varieties of potatoes are extracted and then stored at 4˚C. Thereafter enzymes have been assayed at different periods and the juices are applied for the coloration of wool. Results reveal that potato juices demonstrate good storage stability. Though there are variations in the quantity of enzymes present in potatoes, the same is not reflected in the K/S values of the wool. The polymerization of catechol with potato juice results in coloured quinone derivatives which further react to form dimers, oligomers and polymers as confirmed by UV-Vis spectroscopy studies.



Polyphenol oxidases;Potato juices;Storage stability;Wool fibres


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