Vol 47, No 2 (2022)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

Table of Contents


Development of biodegradable tri-blended fabrics with improved moisture management properties using cotton/polylactic-acid/bamboo-viscose fibres


Prasad, G Krishna; Guruprasad, R ; Senthilkumar, T ; Prabu, G T V ; Raja, A S M 161-165

Microstructure and particle filtration behavior of multimodal fibrous filter media made of fibres of different sizes for engine intake air filtration


Yadav, Shivendra ; Das, Dipayan 166-176

Comfort properties of moisture management finished bi-layer knitted fabrics:
Part I - Thermal comfort

Krithika, S M Udaya; Sampath, M B; Prakash, C ; Senthil Kumar, M 177-180

Novel green printing of cotton, wool and polyester fabrics with natural madder dye nanoparticles


Bakr, Mai M; Osman, Hanan ; Taha, Mohammed A; Ibrahim, Hassan M 181-189

Electromagnetic interference shielding performance of 3-D spacer fabric coated with reduced graphene oxide/carbon nanotubes


Man-ning, Zhang ; Zhi-li, Zhong ; Xiang, Rong ; Jie, Cai 190-198

Water vapour and air transmission of multilayer fabric ensembles


Kumar, Kamal ; Das, Apurba ; Vishnoi, Prashant ; Singh, Jitendra Pratap 199-205

Effects of weaving structure and reduced graphene oxide application on
electrical conductivity of woven fabrics

Eyupoglu, Şeyda 206-211

A novel conductive sensor-based test method to measure longitudinal
wicking of fabrics

Suresh, S S ; Raja, D ; Thiyaneswaran, B ; Gobinath, R ; Sampath Kumar, S Kubera; Panneerselvam, R G; Senthilkumar, M 212-219

Variation and storage stability of juices extracted from potatoes and their influence on in-situ coloration of wool


Natarajan, Srikrishna ; Acharya, Chanchal ; Gupta, Deepti 220-226

Eco-friendly dyeing of cotton fabric with tender green coconut soft husk


Kawlekar, Sujata Rajesh; Raja, A S M ; Saxena, Sujata ; Gurjar, R M 227-233

Optimization of dyeing process parameters for bioactive cotton and silk fabrics with Racinus communis leaf extract


Musinguzi, A ; Mwasiagi, I J; Nibikora, I ; Nzila, C 234-241

Short Communication

Combined wet pretreatments of cotton with enzymes


Patra, Run K; Gupta, Shivani ; Ali, Alka 242-245

Effect of washing treatment on residual bagging height of denim fabrics


Ben Fraj, Abir ; Jaouachi, Boubaker ; Gazzah, Mouna 246-251

Review Paper

A critical review on prediction of functional & performance attributes of
textiles by artificial neural network


Jhanji, Y ; Kothari, V K; Gupta, Deepti 252-258

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)