Novel green printing of cotton, wool and polyester fabrics with natural madder dye nanoparticles


Bakr, Mai M; Osman, Hanan ; Taha, Mohammed A; Ibrahim, Hassan M


In this study,  madder dye nanoparticles have been successfully prepared by using a simple ball milling technique. Madder dye nanoparticles are characterized by using UV-vis. absorption, XRD, TEM, FTIR spectroscopy and SEM. The prepared madder dye nanoparticles are used as an active ingredient for printing cotton, wool, and polyester fabrics via dye printing technique and pigment printing technique. Factors of printing process, such as substrates mordanting, thickeners type, urea concentration and pH of printing paste, urea concentration of first paste and binder concentration of second paste, are studied. Results show that fabrics printed with madder dye nanoparticles via mentioned two methods show very good to excellent fastness properties with a full green method. These data indicate that printed samples have high quality for colour strength without any environmental hazards as compared to other conventual and nanotechnological aspects.



Ball milling;Cotton;Nanoparticles;Madder;Natural dye;Novel green printing;Polyester fabrics;Wool


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