Comparison between physical properties of ring-spun yarn and compact yarns spun from different pneumatic compacting systems

Almetwally, Alsaid Ahmed; Mourad, M M; Hebeish, Ali Ali; Ramadan, Mohamed A


A comparative study pertaining to physical and mechanical properties of ring-spun yarn vis-à-vis compact yarns spun using three different compacting systems has been reported. Rieter (K-44), Toyota (RX-240) and Suessen (Fiomax) spinning machines have been used and the condensing process of the fibres in the yarn cross-section as per these compact spinning systems is accomplished pneumatically. Thus, a yarn of linear density 5.9 tex (100 Ne) is spun on the spinning systems using Egyptian cotton of the type Giza 86. One way Anova together with least significant difference are employed to feature the means of the properties of spun yarns and a significant difference among them is observed. According to the performed statistical analysis, there is a significant difference between ring - spun yarn properties and each of the pnuematic compact spun yarns. These compact-spun yarns are also found to differ significantly in terms of their physical and mechanical properties; however, they are all found superior to the ring-spun yarn.


Breaking strength; Compact spinning; Compact-spun yarn; Ring spinning; Physical properties; Yarn imperfections; Yarn hairiness

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