Effect of plasma treatment on polyester knitted fabrics: Part I - Thermal comfort


Vidya, T ; Prakash, C ; Rajwin, T Jebastin; Babu, V Ramesh; Shah B, Anas ; Reetuparna, R


Plasma-treated thermal comfort properties of four different types of polyester knitted fabrics (spun, continuous filament, micro denier and hollow fibre polyester), have been studied. The oxygen plasma treatment shows an encouraging effect on the air permeability, thermal conductivity, relative water vapour permeability, and wicking of the fabric samples. The findings mostly depend on the oxygen gas, loop length parameter and the thickness of the fabric. The oxygen plasma treatment also affects the thickness of fabric. The plasma-treated micro denier fabric, having courser count with higher loop length, shows higher air permeability. The plasma-treated hollow fibre polyester fabric has higher water vapour permeability, higher thermal conductivity and the highest wicking height.



Knitted fabric;Oxygen plasma;Plasma treatment;Polyester;Thermal comfort

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