Vol 47, No 4 (2022)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

Table of Contents


Thermal, mechanical and comfort performance of various modacrylic fibre blended fabric


Parmar, M S; Sonee, Noopur 385-394

Synthesis and characterization of superabsorbent natural polymers from agro-waste fibres


Bhanu Rekha, V ; Prakash, C ; Gowri, K 395-402

Effect of weft yarn laying on tensile properties of weft-inserted knitted fabrics


Aghazadeh, Shiva ; Asayesh, Azita ; Latifi, Masoud 403-409

Rheological model for studying fatigue of knitted fabric



Marzougui, Saber ; Zaouali, Raja 410-416

Filtration performance of needle-punched nonwoven air filter media through dyeing process


Roy, Rupayan ; Laha, Animesh ; Roy, Steeve ; Sood, Puneet ; Sony, Shashi 417-423

Impact of varying lactate concentration in sweat on liquid moisture transmission behaviour of layered ensembles


Preet, Agya ; Mukhopadhyay, A ; Midha, V 424-431

Effect of chemical treatments on physical properties of kenaf bast fibres

Bhambure, Shilpa ; Rao, A S; Senthilkumar, T 432-436

Effect of plasma treatment on polyester knitted fabrics: Part I - Thermal comfort


Vidya, T ; Prakash, C ; Rajwin, T Jebastin; Babu, V Ramesh; Shah B, Anas ; Reetuparna, R 437-442

Development of pH sensitive turmeric dyed fabrics for detection of acetic acid vapours


Neveatha, Muthusamy ; Giri Dev, venkateshwarapuram Rengaswami 443-449

Optimization of extraction and dyeing parameters for dyeing of khadi cotton fabric using waste/used marigold flower petals (Tagetes erecta)

Sinnur, H D; Verma, D K; Kar, Tapas Ranjan 450-463

Short Communication

Use of essential oils as bioactive substances for antimicrobial finishing of fabrics

Ravindra, K B ; Dinesh, Y M; Chandrasekhara, S M 464-467

Development of mosquito-repellent and antibacterial nylon


Singh, Ankit ; Sheikh, Javed 468-470

Thermal resistance of two and three-layer fabric assemblies for extreme cold weather protective clothing


Dev, Om ; Dayal, Shanker ; Dubey, Ashish ; Dixit, Alok K 471-476

Effect of blend ratio on moisture management characteristics of regenerated bamboo/lotus single jersey knitted fabrics


Ananthi, P ; Jemina Rani, P C; Prakash, C 477-480

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)