Dielectric drying effect on properties of fabrics

Paşayev, Nazim ; Atalay, Mumune


The changes in wet fabric properties with applying microwave drying method have been investigated. For this purpose, polyester, polyester-cotton and cotton fabrics have been prepared followed by wet processing and drying. Drying is completed using conventional (convectional) and microwave methods. Fabric properties are determined both before and after drying and then compared. It is observed that the changes in group of properties for microwave drying are not much more than those in conventional drying method. In addition, some product properties get better by using microwave drying method. The results show that the drying method of textile products in electromagnetic field with extremely high changes is much more practicable.


Cotton; Dielectric drying; Microwave drying; Polyester; Polyester-cotton fabric

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