Eco-friendly dyeing of cotton fabric with tender green coconut soft husk


Kawlekar, Sujata Rajesh; Raja, A S M ; Saxena, Sujata ; Gurjar, R M



Tender coconut husk, a waste after consuming the coconut water, has been explored as a dye for the colouration of cotton fabric. It is abundant in polyphenolic compounds which are the main coloring agent. The aqueous extraction method is used for obtaining the dye. Different mordanting techniques, such as pre-mordanting, simultaneous mordanting and post mordanting, are used to dye cotton fabric. Tannic acid and alum are used as primary mordants, and ferrous sulphate and copper sulphate are used as secondary mordants. A range of shades is obtained by varying mordants and different mordanting methods. Overall fastness properties of these shades are found good. Dyed fabrics are also found to have an excellent UV protection property.


Keywords: Coconut husk;Colour strength;Cotton;Dyeing;Mordant;Natural dye

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