Microwave-assisted antimicrobial finishing of wool fabric with chitosan derivative

Xue, Zhao


Chitosan guanidine hydrochloride derivative has been synthesized by the guanidinylation reaction of chitosan with thiourea trioxide. The structures of chitosan guanidine hydrochloride are characterized by FTIR and 13CNMR. A microwave heating system has been used to apply chitosan guanidine hydrochloride on wool fabric to impart antimicrobial finishing. Conventional and microwave-assisted finishing of wool fabric with chitosan guanidine hydrochloride is compared. The influence of microwave heating on the efficiency of crosslinking is studied by SEM and FTIR. Scanning electron microscopy substantiates adhesion of the chitosan guanidine hydrochloride on the surface of the wool under microwave heating. Microwave-based finished samples show better antimicrobial properties and durability after 40 washes than conventionally finished samples without losses in strength properties.


Antimicrobial finishing; Guanidinylated chitosan; Microwave heating; Wool

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