Comfort properties of moisture management finished bi-layer knitted fabrics:
Part I - Thermal comfort

Krithika, S M Udaya; Sampath, M B; Prakash, C ; Senthil Kumar, M


Six samples of bi-layer knitted fabrics have been given the moisture management finish, with the formulation containing amino silicone polyether copolymer, along with the hydrophilic polymer and wetting agent in the ratio of 1:2 with pH 5.5 at 60o-70o C. It is found that the chemical combination of wetting and finishing agents, and the experimental conditions are proved to be the best possible options taken in this study. The fabrics are tested for various thermal comfort properties, such as air permeability, thermal conductivity, thermal resistance, and water vapour permeability. The bi-layer fabric structure along with the application of the optimized moisture management finish makes the fabric more suitable for sportswear, exhibiting good comfort properties, like water vapor permeability, air permeability, thermal resistance, thermal conductivity, and moisture management properties. The results of the air permeability, water vapour permeability, thermal conductivity and moisture management tests indicate that, the microdenier polyester (inner)- microdenier polyester (outer) fabric treated with suitable optimized moisture management agent shows better thermal comfort property, providing high levels of comfort. Hence, these fabrics are preferred during summer, active and sportswear.



Bi-layer knitted fabrics;Microdenier polyester;Thermal conductivity;Thermo-physiological comfort; Thermal resistance;Thermal comfort

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