Antibacterial finish of textile using papaya peels derived silver nanoparticles

Agarwal, Rashi ; Garg, Neelam ; Kashyap, Sonu Rani; Chauhan, R P


The present study is aimed at the extracellular synthesis of highly stable silver nanoparticles for the development of nanosafe textile using the extracts of yellow papaya peel. Fabric is treated with nanoparticles using dip and dry method to observe the effect of antibacterial activity. The synthesized nanoparticles are also characterized and quantified. Due to their potent antibacterial activity, papaya peels derived silver nanoparticles can be incorporated into fabrics and the manufacturers can make textiles free from spoilage by microorganisms.


Antibacterial activity;Metabolites; Nanosafe textile;Silver nanoparticles

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