Effect of washing treatment on residual bagging height of denim fabrics


Ben Fraj, Abir ; Jaouachi, Boubaker ; Gazzah, Mouna


The effect of various washing processes carried out under industrial conditions on the bagging properties of denim fabrics has been studied in order to understand why residual bagging height behavior remains after garment uses due to internal stress, shrinkage, and excessive extensions. Three different washes have been used for denim samples, already dyed with vat indigo. To evaluate the washing treatment contributions to the bagging behaviors of all studied samples, the residual bagging height characteristic is investigated. It is studied before and after each washing treatment (desizing, enzyme washing, and bleaching). The results show that the residual bagging height increases after all types of washing treatments except for the bleaching ones. Nevertheless, the washed elastomeric denim fabrics (within elastane filament percentages) present significant recovery rates of bagged fabrics after all applied washes. By comparing the results obtained in this study, it may be concluded that the applied enzymatic washing process affects more the bagging behavior of denim fabrics than those of the desizing and bleaching treatments.


Bleaching treatment;Denim fabric;Desizing;Enzymatic washing;Residual bagging height

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