Properties of wool dyed with pinecone powder as a by-product colorant

Salimian, Saeed ; Moghaddam, Meghdad Kamali; Safi, Somayeh ; Mortazavi, Sayed Majid


The properties of the pinecone, an Iranian natural and low cost agricultural by-product, have been studied for its potential use in textile dyeing. In this research, wool fibres due to their high affinity towards the aqueous extract of natural dyes have been used and their dyeability with powdered pinecone is studied. The effects of two different variables, including dye concentration and mordant type on the color properties of dyed wool fibres are investigated. To determine the functional group of pinecone colorant, FTIR test is also performed. The colorimetric properties (color strength, color difference, color coordinates CIE Lab) and the color fastness (wash and light) results are considered for quantifying evaluation of dye concentration and mordant type effects. The results show that the wool possesses high affinity towards pinecone dyeing solution, and the used mordant methods exhibit different shades ranging from beige to brown with good fastness.


Dyeing; Pinecone; Protein fibre; Wool

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