Structural parameters effect on UVR transmission of weft knitted fabrics

Taghipoor, Fatemeh ; Hasani, Hossein ; Khalili, Haleh


Effects of knit structure, knit density, material type and presence of elastic yarn in weft knitted cotton/ polyester and polyester fabrics on UVR transmission have been investigated. According to the Taguchi method used for determining the combination of selected variables and their levels, 16 knitted samples have been produced on a single jersey circular knitting machine. After relaxation, samples have been kept in sunlight simulator and exposed to sun radiation. Finally, the amount of UV transmitted by every sample is measured by spectrophotometer. The results analyzed using Minitab software show that all the controllable variables have a significant effect on UV transmission. Also, according to the signal to noise analysis, the factor 'presence of elastic yarn' shows the strongest effect on UVR transmission. The second effective factor is found 'fabric structure' which is followed by the other two factors, viz. 'material type' and 'knit density' respectively.


Cotton/polyester yarn;Elastic yarn;Polyester yarn;Taguchi method;UVR transmission;Weft knitted fabrics

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