Aloe vera gel finished 3D spacer knitted sports textiles


Janarthanan, M ; Gopalakrishnan, M ; Prakash, C ; Veronica, M ; Srimathi, V K


In this study, polyester fibre is converted to 3D spacer knitted fabric of fully hydrophobic in nature. In this study, polyester fibre has been converted in to 3D spacer knitted fabric which is fully hydrophobic in nature. The silicone based hydrophilic softeners are applied on the surface of one side of 3D spacer fabric to make it hydrophilic layer using spraying techniques. The hydrophilic layer of 3D spacer fabric is then finished with aloe vera gel for its use in sportswear. Bioactive compounds available in aloe vera gel, such as tannin, phenols, saponins, terpenoids, and flavonoids, have been tested using a thin layer chromatographic technique. Aloe vera gel extract and gel finished fabrics are assessed for antibacterial activity by using agar well diffusion method and parallel streak method. The test results provide excellent antibacterial property at the inhibition zone of 33mm against Escherichia coli and 35mm against Staphylococcus aureus. Physical and comfort properties of aloe vera gel finished spacer fabric and normal polyester knitted sports fabric are assessed using ASTM and AATCC standards. The test results obtained from aloe vera gel finished spacer fabric are found higher with respect to fabric thickness, fabric weight, water vapour permeability, bursting strength, vertical wickability, and air permeability as compared to normal polyester knitted sports fabric. It can also be used for protective textiles, agro textiles, aerospace textiles and medical textiles.


Aloe vera gel;Antibacterial property;Bioactive compounds;Knitted fabrics;3D polyester spacer fabrics; Sportswear

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