Microstructure and particle filtration behavior of multimodal fibrous filter media made of fibres of different sizes for engine intake air filtration


Yadav, Shivendra ; Das, Dipayan


This paper reports a set of theoretical expressions for describing the microstructure of multimodal fibrous filter media comprising fibres of different cross-sectional sizes along with the application of such expressions to predict the filtration performance of clean and clogging media for engine intake air filtration. It is found that the overall filtration efficiency corresponds very well with the classical theory of air filtration after suitably modifying the single fibre efficiency and mean fibre diameter. The square of mean fibre diameter is found to be a weighted harmonic mean of the square of fibre diameter of individual component. The single fibre efficiency of multimodal filter media, when expressed as a summation of single fibre efficiencies of individual component of fibres weighted by the corresponding surface area fraction, correlates very well with the experimental results. The evolution of pressure drop is explained satisfactorily based on Berman’s approach after suitably modifying the Davies equation.



Dynamic filtration behavior;Engine intake air filtration;Fibrous filter media;Multimodal fibre size distribution;Polypropylene fibre

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