Preparation and properties of a washable flame-retardant coated fabric

Li, Qiang-Lin ; Huang, Fang-Qian ; Jiang, Xue-Jun ; Wen, De ; Feng, Xi-Ning ; Wu, Kai


In this study, a flame-retardant-coating (FRC) agent has been prepared using hydrophobic organic silicone-phosphorus-nitrogen flame retardant and acrylic emulsion. Polyester-cotton blend fabric (P/C) has been treated with FRC agent, and the finishing process, thermal decomposition, flame retardancy, washability, softness and other properties are studied. Results show that the treated fabrics are of good flame retardancy; LOI is up to 32%, thermal degradation rate reduces by 7.8 %/min and thermal damage reduces by 74%. Limiting oxygen index (LOI) is found to be 24.6% and 23.7% for 5 and 10 times washing. The fastness shows excellent washability.


Flame retardant fabrics; Coated fabrics; Combustion performance; Polyester/cotton blend fabrics

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