Application of ecofriendly antimicrobial finish on cotton and khadi fabrics using periwinkle leaves


Dwivedi, Komal ; Sharma, Ekta ; Fatima, Nargis


An attempt has been made to develop microcapsules for the antimicrobial finishing of cotton and khadi fabrics using periwinkle leaves. Extract of leaves has been prepared by using methanol solvent and applied on fabric directly as well as through the micro-capsulation method. The treated and untreated samples are then subjected to various tests, such as SEM analysis, FTIR analysis, antimicrobial efficacy and wash durability. The durability of antimicrobial properties to washing is found to be better for samples treated with the microencapsulation method than the direct method.



Antimicrobial finish;Cotton;Khadi fabric;Microencapsulation;Periwinkle leaves;Wash durability

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