Preparation of viscose/wool powder blended fibre and optimization of its acid dyeing

Ke, Guizhen ; Li, Wenbin


The viscose/wool powder fibres blended with different superfine wool powder content have been produced using wet spinning method. The viscose/wool powder blended fibres have been dyed with acid red dye and the effects of dyeing conditions such as dyeing temperature, dye bath pH, salt concentration, dyeing time and wool powder content are studied. The higher dye exhaustion is obtained at 90°C, with 5% sodium sulfate and 4 pH. The per cent of exhaustion increases with wool powder content. All the dyed fibres show good colour fastness to washing and rubbing. The blended fibres show characteristics of both cellulosic fibre and wool fibre


Acid dyeing; Blended fibre; Superfine wool powder; Viscose

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