Optimization of drafting zone variables in ring spinning for the production of cotton/milkweed blended yarns

Karthik, T ; Murugan, R


Cotton/milkweed (60/40) blended yarn of 29.5 tex has been produced on a ring spinning system. The influence of fibre friction, front zone roller setting and front top roller pressure at speed frame and ring frame on yarn properties has been studied using the Box and Behnken design. The optimum conditions within the processing limits of the machines are established. It is observed that a higher fibre friction gives higher yarn tenacity and lower yarn unevenness, imperfection and hairiness. The roller setting and top roller pressure also influence the yarn properties at speed frame and ring frame. With the increase in roller setting the yarn tenacity increases initially and then decreases, while other yarn properties deteriorate at wider roller settings. The increase in top roller pressure leads to reduction in yarn unevenness, imperfection and hairiness due to better control of milkweed fibres in the drafting zone. In general, blends of cotton/alkali-treated milkweed fibres with moderate to lower roller setting and moderate to higher level of top roller pressure give better results.


Box-Behnken design; Cotton/milkweed yarn; Fibre friction; Full factorial design; Ring spinning;
Roller setting; Top roller pressure

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