Analysis of structural properties of cotton/milkweed blended ring, compact and rotor yarns

Karthik, T ; Murugan, R


This study has been conducted to explore the relationship between yarn structure and yarn characteristics of cotton/milkweed (C/M) blended yarns. The fibre migration index values reveal that the milkweed fibres are predominantly in the yarn sheath of C/M 80/20 yarn, whereas it occupies the yarn core in C/M 60/40 and 40/60 combinations as small clusters. Fibre migration studies reveal that the compact spun yarns have higher fibre migration factor which is responsible for their tenacity followed by ring- and rotor-spun yarns. The effective packing density of C/M blended yarn decreases with the increase in milkweed blend proportion due to less cohesiveness and poor self locking structure of fibres in the yarn cross-section.


Cotton-milkweed; Migration index; Migration factor; Packing density; Tracer fibre; Yarn diameter

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