Vol 41, No 4 (2016)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Analysis of structural properties of cotton/milkweed blended ring, compact and rotor yarns PDF
Karthik, T ; Murugan, R 361-366
Effect of core thread tension on structure and quality of multi-thread bouclé yarn PDF
Malek, Alshukur ; Danmei, Sun 367-372
Properties of PS/TiO2 electrospun fibres using limonene as a solvent PDF
Maryam, Khirandish ; Sedigheh, Borhani ; Shadpour, Mallakpour ; Mostafa, Youssefi 373-379
Jute based all-cellulose composite laminates PDF
Bapan, Adak ; Samrat, Mukhopadhyay 380-384
Fabric-evoked prickle of fabrics made from single fibres using axial fibre-compression-bending analyzer PDF
Rabie, Asad Ahmed Mohammed; Weidong, Yu ; Yong-hong, Zheng ; Yong, He 385-393
Effect of test conditions and structural parameters on surface roughness of weft knitted fabrics PDF
Nada, Jebali ; Najeh, Maâtoug ; Sahnoun, Mehdi ; Morched, Cheikhrouhou 394-401
Dynamic adsorption characteristics of thin layered activated charcoal materials used in chemical protective overgarments PDF
Radovan, Karkalic Milutin; Negovan, Ivankovic D; Dalibor, Jovanovic B; Smiljana, Markovic M; Dejan, Indjic R; Marija, Micovic D; Branko, Kovacevic V 402-410
Dyeing and finishing performance of different PTT/PET bi-component filament fabrics PDF
Zhuli, Yang ; Fumei, Wang 411-417
Ultraviolet protection properties of nettle fabric dyed with natural dyes PDF
Deepti, Pargai ; Manisha, gahlot ; Anita, Rani 418-425
Impact of washing and sterilization on properties of fabrics used for medical applications PDF
Rogina-Car, B ; Pušić, Tanja ; Dekanić, T 426-431
Optimization of dye transfer inhibition properties of polyvinyl pyrolidine for reactive dye on cotton fabric PDF
Rathinamoorthy, R ; Ayswarriya, N ; Kadambari, R ; Sreelatha, R ; Janani, K G 432-439

Short Communication

Yarn hairiness – Theory about total number of fibre hair PDF
Nachane, R P 440-443
Optical differentiation between cashmere and other textile fibres by laser diffraction PDF
Angelow, A ; Bednorz, H ; Böttcher, S ; Schrader, N ; Ehrmann, A 444-447

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)