Effect of lateral crushing on tensile property of bamboo, modal and tencel fibres

Murugan, R ; Karthik, T ; Dasardan, B S ; Subramanian, V ; Shanmugavadivu, K


The effect of lateral crushing on the tensile properties of bamboo, modal and tencel fibres has been investigated. A fibre crushing apparatus has been used for the purpose of lateral crushing of fibres. The influence of transverse compression
on the axial mechanical properties of these fibres has been analysed. The study reveals that modal fibre sustained a higher loss in tensile properties compared to bamboo and tencel. The general phenomenon obtained from the study is that the percentage loss of strength and breaking extension varies from one fibre to another based on the fibre type and morphology.


Bamboo; Crushing instrument; Lateral deformation; Modal; Tencel; Tensile property

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