Vol 42, No 1 (2017)

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research

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Effect of linear density of feed yarn filaments and air-jet texturing process variables on compressional properties of fabrics

Baldua, R K; Rengasamy, R S; Kothari, V K 9-16

Finite element analysis of mechanical properties of 2.5D angle-interlock woven composites: Part 1— Full-cell model and its validation

Song, Jian ; Wen, Weidong ; Cui, Haitao 17-24

Comfort properties and dyeing behaviour of cotton/milkweed blended rotor yarn fabrics

Karthik, T ; Murugan, R ; Sakthivel, J C 25-30

Effects of different production processing stages on mechanical and surface characteristics of polylactic acid and PET fibre fabrics

Hasani, Hossein ; Avinc, Ozan ; Khoddami, Akbar 31-37

Manufacturing and morphology of poly(-caprolactone) based microfibre webs for biomedical applications through airbrush technique

Bedeloğlu, Ayşe Celik; Bhullar, Sukhwinder K; Borazan, Ismail ; Cin, Zeynep Işlek; Demir, Ali 38-42

Modelling of surface roughness based on geometrical parameters of woven fabrics

Ezazshahabi, Nazanin ; Tehran, Mohammad Amani; Latifi, Masoud ; Madanipour, Khosro 43-50

Regenerated cellulose/multiwalled carbon nanotube composite films with enhanced mechanical properties prepared in NaOH/urea aqueous solution

Li, Qian ; Li, Qing 51-56

Comfort limit and heat protection properties of single layer cotton/nylon-Kermel blended fabrics

Kakvan, Ali ; Najar, Saeed Shaikhzadeh; Psikuta, Agnes ; Sharifnejad, Farshid 57-63

Mechanical, thermal and dynamic mechanical analysis of jute fibre reinforced epoxy composite

Gupta, M K; Srivastava, R K 64-71

A new technique of producing sliver of Estabragh fibres

Merati, Ali Akbar; Moazeni, Najmeh 72-76

Numerical simulation of three-dimensional flow field in three-line rollers and four-line rollers compact spinning systems using finite element method

Liu, Xiaoyan ; Liu, Xinjin 77-82

Finite element modeling of electrospun nanofibre mesh using microstructure architecture analysis

Gorji, M ; Jeddi, Ali A.A.; Gharehaghaji, A. A. ; Haghpanahi, M. 83-88

Effect of alkaline treatment on mechanical properties of voile fabric reinforced epoxy composites

Koyuncu, Menderes 89-93

Effect of moisture and water on thermal protective performance of multilayered fabric assemblies for firefighters

Chakraborty, Supriyo ; Kothari, V K 94-99

Toughened cyanoethyl starch by blending with poly(methyl acrylate-co-acrylic acid-co-acrylonitrile) latex for warp sizing

Zhu, Zhifeng ; Chen, Xiaoyu ; Wang, Miao ; Lin, Jack 100-106

Short Communication

Effect of lateral crushing on tensile property of bamboo, modal and tencel fibres

Murugan, R ; Karthik, T ; Dasardan, B S ; Subramanian, V ; Shanmugavadivu, K 107-110

Effect of chemical treatments on physico-chemical properties of fibres from banana fruit and bunch stems

YILMAZ, Nazire Deniz; Sulak, Mine ; Yilmaz, Kenan ; Khan, G M Arifuzzaman 111-117

Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research (IJFTR)