Moisture management behaviors of high wicking fabrics composed of profiled Fibres

Gorji, Mohsen ; Bagherzadeh, Roohollah


The effect of fibre cross-section shape, fibre content, yarn count, number of monofilaments, and loop density on moisture management properties of some knitted fabrics composed of profiled fibres has been investigated. The moisture management properties are assessed by moisture management tester in order to simulate the dynamic human body sweat transferring in different directions of clothing system. The indexes of the moisture management tester have been analyzed and interpreted regarding micro and macro equations of porosity, and horizontal and downward wicking. The results show that profiled cross-sectional fibres affect the moisture management and sweet transferring behaviors of functional knitted fabrics. Furthermore, accumulative one way transport capacity of fabrics is mainly dependent on both yarn (staples or filament) and fabric (loop density, knitting pattern and fabric thickness) structures.


Coolmax/cotton blend; Moisture management; Profiled fibre; Single jersey fabric; Wicking

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