Application of biotechnology in the coloration of jute fabric using bis–triazinyl type of reactive dyes

Pan, N C; Chattopadhyay, S N; Roy, A K


Two sets of processed jute fabric, viz. alkaline scoured-bleached and bioscoured -bleached jute fabrics, have been dyed separately with two neucleophilic substitution type (bis- triazinyl type) of reactive dyes, namely Procion Blue HERD and Procion Green HE4BD dyes. It is observed that bioscoured - bleached- reactive dyed jute fabric shows higher dye uptake than that produced by alkaline scoured-bleached-reactive dyed jute fabric in case of both the reactive dyes. Bio-treatment results in improvement of handle and wash fastness properties of jute fabric. Brightness of the shade is also improved in case of biotreated-bleached-reactive dyed jute fabric. 



Bioscouring;Bis -triazinyl reactive dye;Cellulase enzyme;Dyeing;Jute fabric;Xylanase enzyme

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