Development of a novel fluorocarbon coated acquisition-barrier fabric layer for incontinence application

Dhiman, Rupali ; Chattopadhyay, R


Development and characterization of single-faced spun lace polyester-viscose (30:70) fabric as a top layer in incontinence products have been reported. One side of the fabric layer is coated with fluorocarbon using the spray coating process to make it hydrophobic. The coating process parameters, spraying distance (distance between spraying nozzle and fabric), finish concentration, and the partial coating are varied to determine the optimum combination. The effectiveness of the coating process has been assessed by measuring contact angle, moisture management, and rewet tests. The study reveals that the 30 cm spray distance and 5% finish concentration, sprayed following dot/zebra pattern, provides the layer's best liquid moisture transport properties. This process of making the front side hydrophobic and the other side hydrophilic promotes one-way liquid transport and can be very useful for many absorbent medical and hygiene products.


Absorbency;Fluorocarbon coated fabric;Hydrophobic;Incontinence application;Nonwoven;One-way liquid transport;Rewet test

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