Development of two novel methods using sensors to operate the industrial over-lock machine for loco-motor disabled person

Suresh, S S; Raja, D


In this research, two sensor-based methods have been developed to operate industrial over-lock sewing machine, especially for loco-motor disabled person. Generally, the over-lock sewing machine is operated using foot pedal and this sensor based method eliminates the foot pedal and use alternative ways to sew garment. The method-1 uses a flex-touch sensor and method-2 uses a textile sensor integrated wearable hand glove to operate the over-lock sewing machine. The seam efficiency of over-lock stitches performed using both the methods (1 & 2) has been assessed and compared with that of normal foot pedal method. A variety of woven and knitted garments are sewed by implementing both the methods, and results are evaluated to calibrate and standardize the sensors/methods to encourage loco-motor disabled persons as self-employed sewing operators.


Conductive fabric;Loco-motor disabled persons;Over-lock sewing machine;Textile sensor;Touch sensor; Wearable hand gloves

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