Effects of OE spinning parameters on cotton rotor-spun yarn hairiness

Abghary, Mohammad Javad; Johari, Majid Safar; Hassanzadeh, Sanaz


The effect of different spinning parameters on cotton rotor-spun yarns has been studied. Three different groups of variables related to the three main sections of spinning process including the carding (main cylinder speed and licker-in roller speed), the draw-frame (total draft, number of slivers fed into the drafting zone, and distance between rollers of break-draft zone), and the rotor (opening roller speed, rotor speed, navel type, yarn count and yarn twist) have been considered in this investigation. Twenty-nine different samples have been produced and the hairiness tests are carried out using the Shirley method. The results reveal that all the considered variables could significantly affect the yarn hairiness. For reducing number of hairs, the optimum conditions must be applied to the variables, such as  750-800 rpm licker-in speed of carding machine; 51-53 mm distance between drawing rollers in draw-frame; 7500 rpm opening roller speed in rotor-spinning followed by 55000 rpm rotor speed; 17-20 Ne yarn fineness; and 800-900 TPM yarn twist. Moreover, decreasing the main cylinder speed as well as increasing the number of fed slivers to draw-frame, result in hairiness decrement.


Cotton yarn; Carding parameter; Draw-frame; OE-spinning; Rotor-spun yarn; Yarn hairiness

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