Preparation and characterization of PA6/titania conductive fibres

Zhang, Kun ; Ge, Mingqiao


The surface activity of TiO2 has been modified by using sodium hexametaphosphate to improve its dispersibility in matrix. The modified TiO2 nanoparticles have been mixed with polyamide 6(PA6) into granulation, and then white conductive fibres are prepared using different weight ratios by melt spinning. The as-spun fibres are characterized by using high insulation resistance meter, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimeter.
The results show that the treated conductive TiO2 material is well dispersed in the PA6 matrix with good compatibility and that the electrical conductivity of as-spun fibres is excellent. Considering the mechanism of its electrical conductivity,it is concluded that the conductive mechanism is tunnel when the TiO2 content is less than 5%, the mechanism is composition of both tunnel and ohmic when TiO2 content is between 10% and 15%, and it is ohmic conductive mechanism if the TiO2 content is more than 15%.


Conductive fibres; Conductive TiO2; Electrical conductivity; Polyamide; Surface modification

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