Finite element analysis of mechanical properties of 2.5D angle-interlock woven composites: Part 1— Full-cell model and its validation

Song, Jian ; Wen, Weidong ; Cui, Haitao


A new parameterized micro-structural model of 2.5D angle-interlock woven composites, named ‘full-cell model’, has been established. In order to verify the validation of finite element model (FEM) based on the full-cell model, the effective elastic properties and the mechanical response of 2.5D woven composites are presented. Additionally, the effects of fibre aggregation density and thickness on the mechanical properties are also investigated in detail. The experimental results are compared with the values of FEM based on the full-cell model and inner-cell model.


2.5D woven composites; Carbon fibre; Finite element analysis; Full-cell model; Inner-cell model; Mechanical properties

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