Effect of wrapped Fibre on tenacity of viscose vortex yarn

Shang, Shanshan ; Hu, Biyu ; Yu, Chongwen ; Pei, Zeguang


Effect of wrapped fibre on tenacity of vortex yarn has been studied by spinning experiments, SEM observation and an ideal twisting model, which will help industry to predict and improve the yarn quality. The spinning results show that the changes in the wrapped fibres (including the number of wrapped fibre and the wrapping angle) determine the yarn tenacity. With the increase in nozzle pressure, the number of wrapped fibre increases significantly, the tenacity of the yarn increases, and the change in wrapping angle is just a little. On the other hand, with the increase in the nozzle orifice angle, the wrapping angle and the yarn tenacity increase, which shows a good agreement with the ideal twisting model results. Therefore, the tenacity of vortex yarn mainly depends on the number of wrapped fibre and the wrapping angle.


Tenacity; Viscose fibre; Vortex yarn; Wrapping angle; Wrapped fibre

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