Study on flame retardant properties of poly(lactic acid) fibre fabrics

Parmar, M S; Singh, Maheshwar ; Tiwari, Rajiv Kumar; Saran, Swami


Polylactic acid  and its blended yarns with various fibres have been converted in to woven fabrics. These fabric samples have been scoured and then tested for mechanical and flame retardant properties. The results indicate that the high alkaline scouring severely damages polylactic acid fibre. Therefore, mild alkaline scouring is done for further studies. The scoured fabric samples are tested for various flame retardant properties and compared with polyester blended fabrics. Results indicate that polylactic acid fibre is not suitable for upholstery, apparel and work wear in terms of flame retardant properties.


Cigarette ignition; Edge ignition; Horizontal flammability; Inclined flammability; Match flame; Oxygen index

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